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29 April 2008 @ 12:51 pm
The SGA Crack Project  
Welcome to the SGA crack challenge community. Every two weeks you'll be given a choice of a few summaries to base your story/art/vid/mainp off of. You can write as many stories as you want for as many of the summaries as you want (just make each one a separate post). The more crack the better. We will also be accepting suggestions for story summaries.

_kiden and I will be your crackalicious moderators. Any questions or comments should be directed at one of us.

1) Please use a header with the following information:

Pairing: (if none, write gen)
Summary: (this would be the challenge summary)
Spoilers: (if any)
Warnings: (if any)
Author's Notes:

2) Please use lj-cut

3) No limit on length, any pairing, any rating, fic, art, vids, manips, epic love poems

4) Post all challenge suggestions in the comments section of the previous challenge

5) Please don't post your stories in your jounral until the challenge is over (but feel free to post a link to your story on the comm).

The first challenge will be posted on Thursday!!

Feel free to post these banners in your journal to help pimp the community:



Questions? Comments?